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Real Feather Hair Extensions

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Earthy tribal and sexy, our Natural feather hair extensions are an amazing blend of REAL natural and coloured feathers.
The installation process takes minutes with no damage to your hair. Our salon approved zinc-free silicone-lined microbeads are extremely gentle on the hair which protects the hair shaft & your natural feather extension.
Our feather extensions can be washed, brushed, blow-dried straightened, curled, and will even survive our hot Australian summers - be it swimming in the pool or having fun at the beach. Our feathers blend naturally and will move to the shape of your hair-  straight or curly!
Lasting 1 - 4 months (dependant on hair growth), feathers can be re-fitted over and over. Visit us at our shop in Fremantle Markets* for a quick re-fit or purchase feathers, tools & microbeads here.


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