Which size comb do I need?


Flexible Combs

Fine Hair & Children

This comb is designed for very fine hair but shorter in length or children. With a finer tyne it is well suited for women and children who struggle to keep their hair up. The tynes lock on themselves not the hair so no need to worry about needing a full head of hair. As the clips interlock on themselves, women who suffer from migraines can also wear these combs as they dont pull on the hair. If your hair is fine but long, then you would be best suited to the medium comb.


Medium Hair

This is our most popular comb, suits most hair types unless your hair is particularly fine or very long, thick or curly. Again the tynes interlock on themselves to make for the most comfortable hair accessory you will ever wear.


Thick Hair

This comb is designed for hair that is long, course, curly or thick. With a wider tyne it glides through the hair easily.

Elite Wire Combs 

Small / Medium / Large

Our elite range are the most comfortable of all our clips. The advantages of our elite range are:


  • Elite combs sit lighter in the hair, it does not matter what size you go for, it will fit all hair types*. Just depends if you prefer a small, medium or large comb in your hair.

  • You do not see the sides of the combs as our crafted elite combs are also hand beaded down the sides 

  • Very easy to insert combs into all hair types

  • A simply fitted and elegant comb to wear for all occasions, look amazing in seconds!

  • If your hair is extremely thick, long and or curly (even dreadlocks!) and absolutely nothing works in your hair, then go for our large elite combs, we guarantee they will fit!

*if you have extremely fine hair and not much length you would be better suited to the flexible fine hair comb as these interlock much firmer

I'm in Australia - where can I buy these clips in person?


We currently have 3 permanent locations with pop ups listed on our 'Events' page.




Fremantle Markets

Shop 13A

Every weekend of the year!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays



Bondi Markets

Every Saturday

Manly Markets

Every Saturday & Sunday


Go to our Events Page for our pop up locations and more information

Do you ship internationally?


Yes we most certainly do!  Just a little extra postage for International.


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept the following:


1.  PayPal


Easiest way to pay either by Pay Pal, Amex or Credit Card. Once you are in the Cart, you will get re-directed to Pay Pal where your shipping prices are calculated.


Not a PayPal member?


2.  BPay  


Code:  1818

Ref:      5520 3313 0164 6211


3.  Cheque or Money Order


For this option - please contact us direct  



How are shipping charges calculated?


Shipping is automatically calculated on check out 


What does my 2 year guarantee cover?

Your 2 year international guarantee covers the entire clip including the triple banded elastic *excluding Princess Bugs


Guarantee falls away if exposed to excessive sunlight or water

Returns & Refunds

Our clips are made with loving care. Our 2 year international guarantee covers the triple banded elastic and the flexible or wire comb

  • Guarantee falls away if clips are exposed to hairspray, water or excessive sunlight

  • Clip must be returned with original guarantee, showing date as proof of purchase 

  • Send your item back with your tracking number. You will be notified via email once your returned item is received

  • We will issue a replacement within 7 business days

    *Our clips are of the highest quality and workmanship. In 10 years we have only replaced 14 hair clips!


Can I become an agent for African Butterfly Clips Australia?

YES! We have sole distribution rights for African Butterfly Clips and seeking agents in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.


Drop us an email at  emma@butterflyclips.com.au  for your agent information pack.

Thank you for shopping with us!