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Feather Care & Maintenance

The installation process takes minutes with no damage to the hair. Our silicone lined microbeads are very gentle on the hair and the silicone protects the hair shaft along with the feather extension.  

Install:  We use the loop feather extension tool. Instructions on the left show how to install feather extensions with this tool. Super easy to use.

Remove:  Squeeze the microbead in the opposite direction using pliers. When the microbead opens, hold the feather extension from the tip and slide out. 
As your hair naturally grows, the microbead will no longer sit at the scalp. You are now ready for maintenance. This is done by reusing your current feather extension with a new silicone lined microbead, placing close to the scalp. 
Your Feather Hair Extensions can last 1 - 4 months or even longer with maintenance. All of our feather extensions can be washed, brushed, blow-dried, straightened, curled and are fine when swimming in the pool or at the beach! When using heat, use precaution. We recommend using the lowest heat heating on your device, as this will extend the life of your feather extension. The feathers blend naturally into your hair and can easily be forgotten. Be aware of the microbead and placement when washing and brushing. Try not to brush over the microbead. Be cautious when at the roots and when pulling out a ponytail. Feathers need to be treated delicately.  They may break, just like real hair. Treat with gentle care. Too much tugging can loosen their bond and cause feathers to fall out. 

Over time your hair feathers will stay in the position they are stored in. Remove them from their storage and simply straighten them using a flat iron before use. It is always a good idea to have a storage box that allows your feather extensions to sit flat and placed away from the elements.
Hooking Thread Application
Looping Thread Application
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